Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A new month has been begun and it is definately out with a bang! On the 4th we celebrated not only our Lord's victorious raising from from dead but also Jason's 25th birthday! We had a fabulous time with family and even got to see some we havent seen in a while which was a complete blessing.

Apart from that the Lord is truly doing a work in Jason and I. We have come face to face with the need for Him in every aspect of our lives. We are being challanged to live a life less of ourselves and more of Him. I am so excited to see how the Lord will use this to strengthen not only our marriage but our relationships with others. It is a beautiful picture to see the Holy Spirit cheering you on for holiness! I am so thankful for the gifts my Savior has given me and aim to use them more clearly for His good and not my own. I was challanged in a book I am reading (Connecting by Larry Crabb) and what kind of person I am-what are my motives and reasons for doing the things I do. Its difficult to come to these realizations but oh how beautiful to know that the Savior wants you for himself-He craves for my desires and motives to be His! So exciting!

Pray for us as we journey closer to the heart of our Savior and desire a more illuminated walk with Him! Jason just finished an inductive bible study paper for his bible class at Denver Sem. It has challenged him to study the scriptures more deeply and to desire to connect with the Lord through His Holy Word! Pray for him as he continues to seek the Lord daily. The power of prayer is ummeasureable..how beautiful is that? We have see it and we believe in Him whom is behind it all!

Praising God for all of our friends and family and look forward to touching base with you personally! Praise the Savior for He is Great...

The Borrett Four

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes, We are Alive...

Hello World..
Its been forever ... but here we are again! I have been a little on the "not with it" side the last month or two but I have finally decided that I am ready to tackle the projects and daily routines that I would like and need to. So, here is an update on the last two or so months:

December: Went to Iowa to visit family and friends..it was a refreshing and much needed visit. We were blessed out our ears from our generous families! It was wonderful spending time together. When we got home from Iowa we picked up our new addition.. Loki our furball of a kitty! We had been wanting a cat for so long and I finally convinced Jas to let me get one! It was so much fun bringing him home and getting him used to his new pad! :) After a few days of having him he started meowing if we weren't holding him...he LOVES attention lol! So, after thinking it through we decided to go back and get one of his litter mates-his brother. Toby came home a week later and the circus began at the Borrett apartment! haha! They are the best cats..and although some what pricey, they are a blessing! Whether Jason will admit it or not..he loves them like crazy! :) So there you have it...a family of four :)

January: Back to work and school! :) Jason began his second semester at Denver with a bang and is really enjoying his classes this semester. He is learning a lot and is even applying the things he is learning to his life now.

February: January disappeared before we even had a chance to say hello and February isn't proving to be any better :) But it has been a very fun and jam packed month already! We went to see our friends Jess and Celsey Huber at Camp the first weekend and had a blast.
I recently found out that I am allergic to gluten which has been very challenging and has created a lot of changes in our budget but it was a relief to start feeling better after being sick for so long. It's hard to change a pattern and lifestyle but Jason has been crazy supportive and loving through it all.
The next weekend we went back up to Camp but this time as counselors. We counseled the grade school winter camp and had.. SO MUCH FUN! It was amazing being up there again with such great kids. Jason and I both had a fabulous cabin load of 9-10 year olds. It was like a breath of fresh air for me and I was able to see the Lord really working in my heart that weekend. He showed me pieces of myself that I hadn't in the past few months. Needless to say it was an unexpected weekend but a blessing nonetheless.
The next weekend was Valentine's Day and my uncle offered us his mountain house for us to stay in over the weekend! It was so nice to get away and just enjoy being together and sharing God's creating with each other. I had been there before so it was fun reliving the places I had been and the memories I had. The last time I was up there was with my dad Roy before he went to be with the Lord. It felt wonderful to be there and remember him with he was full of life and joy. We went to the hot springs up there which was so nice. it was so relaxing to get into the nice warm water. We even got to sit in the river where the natural hot springs flow from. We were literally sitting in a mountain river, in the winter, with snow falling, in our swim suits haha! We loved it!

Present Day: Well, as you can see it really has been a crazy few months. Jason and I are growing together everyday...learning how to love each other right and serve the people around us. We are praying for our future and the steps the Lord has us taking! No babies in the Borrett future... for those of you who might be wondering haha! We are enjoying life and the fun we can have now! :) We would appreciate you praying with us for guidance and wisdom as we look to what the future holds! We love you all and would love to hear how the Lord is moving in your lives and what you have been up to!

The Borrett Four!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis the Season..

Well,the tree is up (decorated only with lights ...for as it stands right now ..our red and gold decorations are MIA...) , the harth is dressed in a beautiful garland and the stockings are hung... Oddly, I don't remember being as excited for Christmas as a child as I am now! :) I love making gifts and decorations to make our home cozy! Last year for my birthday my mother-in-law Robin bought be a wonderful sewing machine..i had every intention of being a sewing master but it wasnt until a few weeks ago that I really broke it out and got to work! Many gifts were made this year which makes me (and the bank) very happy! I cannot wait to give out the things I have created for my friends and family!

While I have been slaving over the sewing machine, Jason has been hard at work at the computer...he has had three or four papers due recently...one of which that was 25+ pages long! What a studious boy! After this weekend of paper writing he will only have one final that will close out this first semester of seminary! I am so proud of all his hard work! Thankfully, he will get a large portion of Dec. and Jan. off from school and we are praying for snow...bring it on Lord! Jason does snow removal during the winter which if he can get a lot of work in will really help with the finances. :)

Jason and I will be in CO for most of the holidays but will be in Iowa the 18th-27th...we would love to reconnect with all of our loved ones in that area so plus contact us if we dont get a hold of you! We miss you all and can't wait for our visit!!

Thank you for all of your love and support through this last year of new transitions for the two of us. We adjusting well to life in CO and are blessed by the Lord for providing for all of our needs this past year.

Items of Prayer:
.Please pray for us financially this coming year as I will be looking for a teaching job and jason continues his studies.
.Please pray that we would reach out always to those in greater need then ourselves-the Lord has blessed us and jason and I have both been convicted with the need to bless others with that little we may have.

We love you and wish you a very merry holiday season...
Much Love,
The Borretts

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Fall..

So,...i know NO one reads this but its fun to think people might haha!

The Borrett household has experienced a lose...

Spencer Borrett,
(Our somewhat beloved hampster) has passed away...
November 11, 2009
Found dead in his cage
buried in...the garbage (by request of his father, Jason Borrett)
:) anyways thats the news here...I keep trying to convince Jason to get me a kitty but the dumb apartments require a $300 deposit!! ridiculous!
In other news, we are just pluggin' away at life. Jason has been very busy with work and school. Try to balance so many things is exhausting. Pray for him has he finishes up a paper due tuesday and starts on another very important one due in a few weeks. He had a midterm about two weeks ago and dispite a ton of craziness he did great and got a very good grade! PTL!
Work is work for me but I am beginning to see the fruit of my being here. Nannying is tough work but its cool to see how it is preparing me for a future with my own children, when they come (some day) and for my patience as a future teacher.
We are looking forward to the holidays and cant wait to spent it with family and friends!!
Love to all...
The Borretts

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh my...Time Flies When Your Busy..

Hellooooo Out there!
Sorry it has been so long! So..its almost the end of October..WHAT? Time here has flown! :) Jason and I have been busy with work, school, church, and friends! It seems that the weeks keep getting shorter but something tells me it's just the more you stuff into a day the quicker it dissapears :)

Jason is in full swing at Denver Seminary, working hard or hardly working you may ask.. well I can say he is working hard! He just turned in his first paper for one of his classes and is having classmates over tonight to study for a midterm!

Work for me is plugging away. Being a nanny is tiring work :) But it is getting better as we are discovering more fun things to fill our days with. I am also potty training the boy I am nannying..what a joy right? haha it has been challanging but hilarious all at the same time!

Tis' the season...snow is falling and I am anxious to begin my holiday decorating! I love this season..it used to be a challanging time for me dealing family issues but now that we have begun our own family it has become something to look forward too. I love how the Lord replaces unpleasant memories with precious ones! Jason and I have decided to collect one new ordament a year for our christmas tree. We will collect picture frame ordaments that represent our year. Last year we had a really pretty frame ordament that had a wedding picture in it..this year I have found a "western" looking one to represent our move to Colorado! I can't wait! We have decided to chop down our own tree this year (hopefully we dont burn our apt building down haha)..so that will be a lot of fun!

Now look...I've gone off on a rant about christmas! :) Snow does that i suppose! In other good news..Jason and I have ... *drum roll please* bought a new car! We got a beautiful jeep grand cherokee!! It is such a blessing now with the snow on its way! We will have 4 wheel drive for driving in the snow as well as the mountains! We are truly blessed!

Well, I believe I will leaving you with that update and I pray you are well and enjoying all of the Lord's blessings in your lives! Pray for us if you will as we will be traveling to Iowa tomorrow (Thurs 22rd-Sunday 25th) and will be returning to Denver on Sunday! We are heading out there for a friends wedding and then stopping in Dubuque to say hello to our friends there! Thank you for your prayers they are appreciated!!
Much Love,
The Borretts!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ryan Thompson Photography...USE HIM!

This weekend was a blast! We went downtownon the Light Rail on Saturday afternoon to the Taste of CO and enjoyed a delicious turkey leg as we walked around the different booths. So much talent and tasty foods all in one location (along with throngs of people but oh well). We also went to the Evans House on a free tour and to the Art Museum on another free tour (Every first Saturday they have free days!). We then took the lightrail home to get ready for another fun adventure! Our good friend and trusted photographer Ryan was meeting up with us to get some photos taken. We wanted to get some pictures done of ourselves "post-wedding". We went down by 16th street and got some awesome pictures taken in an alley (haha). We had an interesting time as we were taking pictures right next to a sleeping homeless person and then towards the end of the night nearly got mugged by some weirdos! haha! Anyways, Ryan did a fantastic job!! Check out his work at http://www.rdtphotoblog.com/. And if you ever need an awesome photographer be sure to contact him! He has done our wedding, engagement, and post wedding pictures!

Well after all that there is still more excitement...on Sunday we went to my sisters for my brother-in-laws awesome green chili cheese burgers! We then played WII until we all dropped! :) On Monday we relaxed, played some bocci ball and then went to BBQ my cousin Sumer hosted for all my cousins. It was a fun time of reconnected and we ate so much we all felt sick! :)

All in all...a wonderful weekend! Sorry this is rush but I wanted to get a quick update out before leaving for work! We sure to leave comments if you read this so I know whether or not I am wasting my time haha!!! Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!!!
The Borretts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It has arrived..

Monday came and went ...school started and work started. I have actually had a weird two days because the boy I nanny broke his arm on Sunday so I left early and did not go in at all today due to his doctor appointments. Jason is in full swing though. He has one class today and then will be going in to work for the rest of the day. what a hard worker! :) Since I have a day off I am just catching up on the house...its amazing how fast a clean apartment can spiral out of control haha.

We also found out that we won't be buying my brothers car...he said he was too attached to let it go. I understand that and we are fine with it because he is allowing us to borrow it until something else comes along. So, current item of prayer is a reliable, cheap car for the Borretts (you can throw in that I would love a free, bright yellow X-Terra...if you want haha jk).

Well, not to much us to report on but we do appreciate you taking the time to check up on all our happenings!! We'll keep you posted....
The Borrett's

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